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Innovation in Wine and Vineyard Rows


To strengthen and to optimise the developments previously obtained through the Inovwine project. To do this, we have designed a project where state of the art biotechnology and information systems converge to promote the ultimate goal, which is to sustainably increase vine productivity.


Developments in four systems have been made under the scope of the InovWine II project, as follows:

  • Optimise the remote monitoring system of abiotic factors affecting vineyards, based on Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs)
  • Optimise the information management system for vineyards based on RFID technologies to reference the vineyards and augmented reality algorithms applied to the vineyard
  • Collect beneficial microorganisms (phytoprotectors) present in the vineyard and optimise their antagonistic effects on phytopathogenic agents in order to select potential biological control agents
  • Diagnostic protocol for trunk diseases based on the undirected analysis of metabolites present in the grapevine by HPLC-MS/MS

Furthermore, this project is expected to promote effective technology transfer between research institutions and business associates, thus contributing to a better use of natural vine resources and leading to the development of new technologies that will underpin the sector's international competitiveness in the future.

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Programa COMPETE
Programa COMPETE

Total Investment

823.969,56 Eur

IPN Investment

246.825,64 Eur

National public financial support – Total

185.119,23 Eur



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Adega Cooperativa de Cantanhede; BioCant; Instituto Pedro Nunes.



Vine, vineyard, genotyping, monitoring, WSN, pest prevention