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MY DATA manager


Collaborative solution, dedicated to companies, independent professionals, public entities, lawyers and Data Protection Officers, aimed at simplifying and automating the implementation and maintenance of the processes associated with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The platform allows its users to register and manage the activities associated with the data processing, among which we highlight:

- Conformity assessment - self-assessment of the entities' level of compliance with the GDPR

- Data inventory - record of all activities associated with data processing

- Incident management - registration of the protocol in case of data breach (leak, manipulation, loss ...) and all information associated with detected occurrences (date, actors, procedures adopted ...)

- Management of customers and subcontractors - manages the relationship and simplifies the communication with these stakeholders in all processes involving data protection and privacy

- Audit management - allows to systematize and manage all aspects related with audits

- Data Subject Order Management - manages data access requests; requests for data removal or other, via the entities' institutional website, without the need for additional tools


Codeffect Lda.




AngularJS; C#; ASP.NET; SQL Server; Azure Functions


GDPR; Personal data protection; Personal data processing