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As an entity of the national scientific system, which includes 6 research laboratories in different areas, European programs to support research and innovation have always been a constant challenge for the IPN, both as a partner and as a promoter. In fact, since the 4th Framework Programme (FP4), which ended in 1998, IPN has been involved in more than 40 European projects.

In order to continue this path of innovation, IPN has defined as main strategic objectives the increase of its European presence, exporting its R&I, assisting companies in the Region in their internationalization processes and, above all, reinforcing its negotiating power in the definition of priorities of European R&I programs.

The IPN H2020_2 was designed to respond to a set of opportunities already identified, reinforcing the competences and resources of the IPN to respond to new scientific and technological challenges, namely through the articulation between its R&TD strategy and the work programs of the European R&TD programs, stimulating participation in international R&TD networks and technological platforms, and establishing partnerships with entities from the business world and the European scientific-academic world, which may result in the submission of the 23 proposals planned for the two-year period.


The main objective defined for the IPN H2020_2 project was, therefore, to amplify the presence of the IPN in European R&I programs, especially in its strategic thematic areas, reinforcing its competitive capacity, and potentiating, in this way, the economic development of the region and the country.

Objectives, Activities and Results expected / achieved

The project contributed to reinforce the articulation between IPN's R&TD strategy and H2020 work programs, in stimulating its participation in international networks and technological platforms and in establishing partnerships with entities from the business and academic-scientific environment (national, European and intercontinental).

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