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IWSENSE is a solution based in a wireless sensor network that allows the detailed monitoring of abiotic parameters covering the entire length of the crops. This product is intended for medium and large fields of crop. The number of nodes is defined according to the specificities of each crop, as well as the set of sensors to be installed.

The system main features are the following:
1. Monitoring abiotic parameters;
2. Smart actuators to remotely or automatically control irrigation systems, fertilizers or others;
3. Modular system with the capacity to replace, add or remove sensor modules without stopping or shutting down the system (hot swapping);
4. Very scalable system that enables an automatic integration of new sensors and end nodes in the wireless network.

It is an easy installation and re-installation wireless solution, with maintenance free for battery replacement (using small solar panels).

Value Proposal

IWSENSE brings innovation and efficiency to crop management, through its functionalities:
- Information management system optimization of the crop;
- Optimization of the remote monitoring system for abiotic factors, based in Wireless Sensor Network.

It is a modular system, scalable, with low impact in crop handling, rechargeable using solar energy.

Application Areas

Agricultural Crops.