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EUROACE Euro-region is characterized for having a large and sparsely populated territory. The low population density, its aging and rurality are the main geographical characteristics of this area. The business fabric is composed of small companies, linked to sectors with low added value, mainly in the agro-food sector and in the proximity services. The incipient industrialization is not concentrated in well-defined clusters, and industrial activity is very decentralized from the research, technology and innovation poles, which are located in population centres of economic specialization more linked to the service sector.


CETEIS aims to project and pilot an organizational and inter-institutional model, based on cooperation, co-creation among community members and also quality.
There are three areas of action in this model: spaces, community and services. The partners of CETEIS dynamize physical spaces on which the Euro-region's community of entrepreneurs and innovators are based or congregated, for which the project proposes advanced and specialized services that contribute to a more innovative entrepreneurial activity with greater potential for growth, generating quality employment, more collaborative and socially responsible.

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FUNDECYT-PCTEx (Leader) (ES), Diputación de Badajoz (ES), Diputación de Cáceres (ES), CEC/CCIC (PT), Parkurbis (PT), PCTA (PT), Cámara Badajoz (ES), Cámara de Cáceres (ES), ADRACES (PT), ADRAL (PT), IPN Incubadora (PT), Ayuntamento de Cáceres (ES), CATAA (PT), Junta de Extremadura (ES).




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