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Training and Stimulating Employability and Social Inclusion


Youth unemployment (from 20 to 34 years old) who do not study, work or attend training, which, according to Eurostat data (2018), represents 11.9% of the Portuguese population in this age group, that is, a total approximately 200,000 individuals. It is estimated that in the four municipalities covered by the project (Penela, Soure, Condeixa-a-Nova and Miranda do Corvo) the universe is 960 individuals. The lack of adequate skills, associated with the lack of entrepreneurial spirit of this public places them in a situation of social exclusion, of social marginality, being often seen by society as belonging to a generation that does not have a culture and work habits and that live in the dependence on friends and family. There is, therefore, a double problem associated with NEET: in addition to not contributing to development due to the fact that they are not busy (despite having the conditions and the will to provide work) and, on the other hand, the social stigma of these young people who have low levels of confidence and self-esteem and high levels of frustration that can slip into risky behaviors, impoverishment and situations of social exclusion.


Promote the employability of NEET (Not Currently engaged in Employment, Education or Training) through a flexible, practical training program that stimulates the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of this social group. The program seeks to adapt the supply of unemployed young people to the real needs of the current market marked by the digital transition.

Objectives, Activities and Results expected / achieved

The project, directed by the HIESE team, is structured in a hands-on way with workshops, bootcamps, creative residences and exhibitions of results (maker faire). The participant will be trained and invited to create their own project that can be a digital product or service, within a properly equipped FabLab (FabLab Penela). The areas covered in this project are digital manufacturing, electronics, IOT programming, web programming, design and digital marketing.
Access to these digital manufacturing tools / resources allows the development of skills that are valued in the labor market and the generation of opportunities to create the business itself.
The impact will be high at the regional level, as the project aims to be a one-stop-shop solution for young NEET participants, promoting their professional insertion and social inclusion.
The impact will be great in retaining young people in low-density interior territories, avoiding their migration to urban centers, and making these young people more qualified and motivated to the business fabric of the region's municipalities that feel a lack of human resources.
In addition to these impacts, there is also a reduction in social risks because the risk behaviors associated with unemployment and the lack of prospects for the future are reduced, contributing indirectly to the reduction of these behaviors.
Contracted indicators
number of people participating - 100
number of people entering the labor market or creating their own job - 35

Project Reference



Município de Penela; Portugal Inovação Social; POISE; PT2020; Fundo Social Europeu

Intervention Region

Penela, Condeixa-a-Nova, Soure, Miranda do Corvo

Total Investment


EC Funding – Total

231.479,93 (FSE)

National public financial support – Total

99.205,69 (Município de Penela)


31 meses

Start Date


End Date


Approval Date



IPN Incubadora; Câmara Municipal de Penela




NEET (Not currently engaged in Employment, Education or Training); Makers; Employability; Social Inclusion