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Company Description
That Rogue Studio Game development studio aiming to build unique and visually compelling experiences through the digital medium
Thermogen, Lda Advanced engineering, energy and environmental services
Titan Forged Games, Lda Digital games development
Total Fun Entertainment, Lda Entertainment and tourism products and services integrated with e-business practices
Tulamove Intelligent transport systems development. Electric driverless vehicles designed to be easily used for short trips at low speed in urban or private environments
Ubiwhere R&D, products, services and solutions for the telecom and future internet sectors
United Boutiques Development of e-commerce solutions in circular economy and social impact
Vendus Vending, Unipessoal Lda Development of applications for vending payment and management systems
Viur Viur is a modern business intelligence solution that helps companies unlock the value of stored data, through visualisation and data exploration.
Void Software, S.A. Custom software development and interactive multimedia applications
Wash to Go
We4Research Scientific and marketing consultancy for the health domain
Weberlo Development of a platform that provides ROI and ROAS tracking for marketing activities
WeGov, Lda Development of services to support public administration based on geographic information systems
Wellgiven Medical Research, development and production of protective clothing and medical devices
Wexcedo Innovative solutions for future internet
Whitesmith, Lda Software development for startups and new products
Wingzstudio, Lda. Mobile game development studio.
WIS4, Lda Development of software support tools for professional activities. Computer system for audit work
Wise Shape Technological development of an industrial manufacturing methodology of pieces using ultra high performance concrete
WIT Software, Lda Advanced solutions and white-label products for the mobile telecommunications industry
Wizdee, Lda Design and development of disruptive business intelligence solutions based on semantics
WSBP Electronics, Lda Design and development of innovative hardware and software solutions for energy consumption and monitoring the quality of air in buildings
WServir, Lda Marketing and web services
XWS Comprehensive, reliable and robust information systems for universities and other education institutions