IPN - Instituto Pedro Nunes

IPN     IPN Incubadora
Company Description
Retmarker Software development for retinal screening
Sarkkis - Robotics Development of innovative mechatronic software solutions
Seamlink Specialised software development for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM)
SegurAmbiente, Lda Health and safety services at work, food self-monitoring and environmental management
Sensing Future Technologies Design, development and implementation of medical devices for physiotherapy and physical and rehabilitation medicine
Sentilant Development of disruptive software solutions using existing hw/sw systems to provide new insights for improving business intelligence and everyday life
Sicgen, Lda Polyclonal antibodies and antibody related products and services for the scientific community
Sinmetro, Lda Consulting, development and implementation of metrological control systems
Smartalu Development of aluminum systems for architecture
SoftBionics Development of rehabilitation solutions through soft electronics and robotics
Softkom 2 Specialised software development for retail and point of sale management
SOHO International SOHO is a creative mood - Branding | Advertising | Design
Solar Share Development of an intermediation platform for end consumers, investors and producers of solar panels
SolarWinds N-Able Development of cloud-based advanced remote solutions. Remote access, support, management and IT Monitoring
Space Layer Technologies Development of multi-platform solutions for real-time alerts, based on Big Data, satellite images and sensors installed on fixed structures and vehicles
Spero Innovative support systems for spatial decisions
SPI, S.A. Innovation consultancy for the central region of Portugal
Steezy Salesforce development and consulting services
SWORD Health
SX3, Lda Online ecosystem for health products and services
Take Portugal, Lda Web and mobile e-commerce platform for Portuguese art and design products
Take The Wind, Lda Development of new interfaces enriched with new media tools for communication and learning in life sciences. Software for simulations and training physicians
Tangível - Human-centered design Human-Centered Design services, from strategy to implementation. UX design, UI design, Service Design, Product Design, UX research, UX writing, usability tests, front-end development