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Company Description
PAVNEXT Pavnext develops solutions to promote road safety, sustainable mombility, traffic monitoring, energy efficiency and renewable energy production.
Penthack Innovative and disruptive services in cybersecurity thanks to a team of experts in Engineering, Information Security, Research, and Psychology, joining forces with a worldwide community of Ethical Hackers - The Penthackers
Perceive3d Development of real time imaging software to improve visualisation and guide surgeons during clinical endoscopy
Pharmilab Regulatory consultancy and quality control for medical devices, cosmetics, biocides, food supplements and chemicals
Plano Cultivo Development of fully automated hydroponic production systems, optimising resources and creating quality products at low cost
PLANTALICIOUS Development of 100% plant-based products, as alternatives to typical animal origin products
PrimeLayer Development of technological solutions for the environment, spatial planning and civil protection
PrimeSoft, Lda Software development, document management, web portals and IT staffing
Projecto 4EveryPet 4EveryPet is a StartUP Voucher supported project aiming to make pet owners life easier
Projecto Juicy Solutions Mobile applications development
Projecto LockIT Smartphone locker solution
Projecto Selfashion
Projeto Esferas Development of support tools based on the internet, tablets and smartphones for interior refurbishment and design professionals
Projeto Securis Collection and processing of (un)safety data
Punchline Creative agency. Multimedia and design
Quantific, Lda Engineering of data acquisition systems for environmental monitoring applications, particularly in the areas of meteorology and seismology
Sarkkis - Robotics Development of innovative mechatronic software solutions
Seamlink Specialised software development for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM)
SegurAmbiente, Lda Health and safety services at work, food self-monitoring and environmental management
Sensing Future Technologies Design, development and implementation of medical devices for physiotherapy and physical and rehabilitation medicine
Sicgen, Lda Polyclonal antibodies and antibody related products and services for the scientific community
Sinmetro, Lda Consulting, development and implementation of metrological control systems
Smart Tire Development of a system to monitor, in real time, tire wear