IPN - Instituto Pedro Nunes

IPN     IPN Incubadora
Company Description
Hexapuzzle, Lda Web solutions development
HIS, Lda IT consulting and healthcare information systems development
Hotelcracy Development of a hotel management cloud platform
Hypesoft Connecting your project to the better solutions
Icanemusic Intelligent musical cane designed to improve gait in people with Parkinson's disease
iClio Creating solutions and digital content related to history, heritage, tourism and culture
Idea Factory, Unipessoal Lda Digital marketing, mobile applications and web development
iDeal TI Development of new technologies for e-commerce systems and online payments
IGENMAI, Lda Development of software tools for structures and engineering processes automation
IHC HR management systems for the health sector
iHCare Development of innovative technical solutions for the hospital environment
InfoGene, Lda Medical device design and development. Cancer-related R&D and genetic testing
Inovazi, Lda Creative agency. Design, branding, social media and communication
Inovmapping, Lda Creation of maps and interactive content. Development of 3D and 2D mobile applications based on geolocation
Inplenitus, Lda Innovation in architecture and engineering
Inside Visions, Unipessoal Lda Facial detection technology for retail analytics and targetted advertising
IntellectEU Development of financial integration services and Tech Lab/R&D for Blockchain
Intellicare, Lda Innovative technologies for home assistance based on biomarkers and artificial intelligence
Inweb Solutions Digital Marketing Agency. Development of digital platforms for marketing and advertising
ISR Specialised scientific publications
iTrack Development of new monitoring tools, through algorithms based on machine learning and sensor analysis
LAT40 Strategic and operational development for IT
localista.tech Development of an innovative solution that empowers real estate brokers to provide a better online-to-offline customer experience for house seekers
Logowords, Lda Graphic design, branding and web design
LP Visual, Lda Audiovisual productions