IPN - Instituto Pedro Nunes

IPN     IPN Incubadora
Company Description
Edicad Development of graphic computing and imaging technologies
Eneida.io Development of sensors and software to optimize the operation of Low Voltage networks
Enersky Engineering for renewable energy projects
Enging Development of industrial solutions for predictive maintenance, automation and instrumentation
Envispot Research, development and consulting services in information and communication technologies
Etherus Advanced biodiesel production technology from industrial wastes for small and mid-sized producers
Extra Motion Mechanical, industrial and reverse engineering. Motorsport and industry
F6S Network F6S, where Founders grow together
Fake Museum Development of a knowledge promotion educational project which goal is to solve the current problem of the spread of false information
FarDiotop Pharmaceutical products and services in the field of in vitro diagnostics and nuclear medicine
Feedzai Software technology development for real time business data processing and fraud detection
Fivesixoh Engineering Design and development of innovative projects in motorsports
Flor de Utopia Web engineering for the design and development of advanced internet portals, information systems and e-commerce support
Follow Inspiration Development of intelligent systems for automation and mobility solutions for people with reduced mobility
Friday Design and development of technologically advanced devices and equipment used in recreational boating and tourism
FSI - Industry Solutions Development of industrial solutions
Genebox, Lda Development and manufacturing of diagnostic tests for human health
GeneLab, Unipessoal Lda Product development and provision of molecular diagnostic services for human health
GeneWin, Lda Research, development and comercialisation of genetic tests based on DNA extraction of oral mucosa cells
Geodinâmica Environmental consultancy
Gericare Pro Management tools for geriatric institutions
Glam to Glam Development of e-commerce platforms
Glexyz Development of engineering services specialised in virtual product development and lifetime assessment
Goruu Comprehensive cloud based platform for easy, fun and interactive learning