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Company Description
Ciengis Performance monitoring, economic optimisation and advanced control solutions for the process industry
Codeffect IT consulting and software development for web and mobile environments
Collectors Bridge Online platform for collectors. Bringing the passion for collectables to the digital world
CoolFarm Development of intelligent systems for greenhouse control
Cortexxus Neurological research and development
Costa Martins & Cidade Research and development of medical and diagnostic devices
Critec Design and communication. Web design and mobile software development
Crossing Answers Digital development studio. Game creation and development of products and services for web and mobile environments
CWJ Electronics Consultancy and engineering in the development, technological innovation and manufacturing of electronic solutions
Dharma5 Creation of digital content and methods for transformative education
Digital in Motion Development and implementation of new technological solutions for the Digital Transformation area
Digital Minds Software development and interactive and digital mobile services. Digital marketing
Dignus Care Development of a digital health platform for remote and continuous patient monitoring
doDOC Platform for optimising information systems and preparation of professional documents
eBonus.gg Platform where you can win Free Gaming content by completing simple online tasks
eCO2Blocks Development of new sustainable building materials
Edicad Development of graphic computing and imaging technologies
Eneida.io Development of sensors and software to optimize the operation of Low Voltage networks
Enersky Engineering for renewable energy projects
Enging Development of industrial solutions for predictive maintenance, automation and instrumentation
Envispot Research, development and consulting services in information and communication technologies
Extra Motion Mechanical, industrial and reverse engineering. Motorsport and industry
F6S Network F6S, where Founders grow together
Feedzai Software technology development for real time business data processing and fraud detection
Flor de Utopia Web engineering for the design and development of advanced internet portals, information systems and e-commerce support