IPN - Instituto Pedro Nunes

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Company Description
Eikko Development of ​​recruitment, talent and career management technological solutions, working at the intersection of web technologies, artificial intelligence and psychology
Fico Bem Development of technological tools with social impact for generation Z
Health XL
Ibermeteo Specialised weather consulting for agriculture, construction, sport and recreation, TV , insurance, transport and industry
LocalFy Development of digital marketing solutions to assist exporting companies in expanding into new markets, in a localized, targeted, and synchronized manner with their business partners
Sharkcoders Programming, Gaming and Robotics Academy, specialized in teaching the Literacy of the Future in a fun way and focused on creating the GENIUS OF TOMORROW
Talent Alert Football is a huge world.. and shortcuts are never easy. We are the Talent Alert
ViBo Health Smart health tracking
Zoom Notes Development of innovative web and mobile solutions