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Clustering technological innovation and skills development in the area of Creative and Cultural Industries


Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) combine creation, production and marketing of intangible creative content that may take the form of a good or a service. CCIs include art and culture (visual arts, heritage), cultural industries (film, music, audio-visual), creative services (design, advertising, architecture), entertainment industries (tourism, leisure, sports, hospitality, gaming, amusement parks), among others. Although this is a sector that remains somewhat "hidden" in statistics and innovation policies, it has the potential to boost regional development as it is a naturally entrepreneurial sector consisting of small businesses, intensive technology, creativity and innovation. As such, it can have a significant impact on job creation, especially in youth employment. The challenge of this project was to position the SUDOE CCI space as a good practice able to combine economic development (technology transfer) with social cohesion (unemployed youth).


The project mapped the CCI in terms of companies (jobs, turnover, etc.), technologies and skills to meet the characteristics and the weight of the creative industries in the regions involved in the project. In a second phase, it promoted interregional clustering, supporting technology transfer (prototypes), business creation (skills) and interregional connectivity (regional creative centres and interregional virtual hub). Finally, to spread TRANSCREATIVA as a good European practice that articulated the CCI (intensive emerging sector technologies) with social innovation (skills development among unemployed young people).

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Interreg IVB SUDOE



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Euskampus Fundazioa; SINNERGIAK, Social Innovation Centre (ES); Fundación TECNALIA (ES); Ayuntamiento de Donostia - San Sebastián - Oficina DSS2016 EU Capital Europea de la Cultura (ES); Universidade de Coimbra (PT); Instituto Pedro Nunes (PT); Câmara Municipal de Coimbra (PT); Bordeaux Management School - BEM (FR); Ecole Supérieure des Technologies Industrielles Avancées - ESTIA RECHERCHE (FR); Agence Pays basque - ANTIC (FR).




Creative industries and cultural inclusion, cluster, innovation, creative and cultural industries