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An export accelerator hub for SUDOE SMEs


Small and medium-sized enterprises are a crucial part of the European economy. However, less than 30% exports products and services and, for the vast majority, it is difficult and time-consuming to access new markets, particularly those located outside Europe. The current situation, with the considerable global expansion of the data market, as well as the growing launch of new satellite constellations, represents an excellent opportunity for the acceleration of business of small and medium companies with the necessary experience to develop new products and services.


Main Objective:
To strengthen the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The NOVExport project aims to support the growth of small and medium-sized companies in southwest Europe in the agricultural, environmental and maritime markets of Latin America, through the technological maturation of their products and services, using space technology, digital data and IoT. The project will develop different tools to facilitate access to the largest and most profitable markets in Latin America and to promote quality European products and services.

Six innovation and export hubs will be created: two in France (Montpellier and French Basque Country), three in Spain (Badajoz, Bilbao and Madrid) and one in Portugal (Coimbra). These centers aim to create a favourable environment for the maturation of business projects and promote co-creation processes, keeping the focus on internationalization. Each hub will select between 10 and 20 companies, which will have the opportunity to mature their product or service, and gain access to personalized diagnosis, market information, digital and space data, as well as training.

Objectives, Activities and Results expected / achieved

Expected Results:
• Development of tools to support access to the largest and most profitable markets in Latin America.

• Creation of 5 local HUBS with regional networks of companies with common interests in international markets to promote European quality products and services.

• Development of virtual platform where companies can find an offer of project applications, get information and access training and business opportunities to promote cross-fertilization businesses.

• Implementation of methodology to create or accelerate a new product or service, through market information, data and testing, as well as, going to international markets.

Results Achieved:
22 Start-ups supported during the first acceleration programme (2020);

23 Start-ups supported during the second acceleration programme (2021);

12 Portuguese Start-ups supported in the scope of the activities developed in GT4 - Support to internationalization of SMEs;

• Hub animation with workshops and seminars:
- Meeting with FCJ Ventures (a multinational pioneer in the Venture Builder business in Brazil);
- Webinar "Opportunities in Latin America" with our consultants from the South Atlantic Chamber of Commerce;
- EIC Accelerator Workshop;
- Session with Desiré Nzengou about EUSPA.

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