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ProTon Staff-Exchange: learning Technology Transfer by example with IPN (II)
IPN welcomes, from 23 to 26 October, Eileen CLucas from the Proton Europe network ( and Sandra Wiegand, Project Coordinator and Vice Director of the Innovation Office of the University of Münster (Germany), under the PROTON program of staff-exchange, for the second time in Coimbra.

There will be three days to mutually share good practices and expertise in the marketing of technology.

It is the second time that IPN and IPN-incubator receives this staff exchange, that would enable knowledge sharing of marketing techniques and will provide the opportunity to compare and contrast different experiences from different organizations and innovation and technology transfer contexts.

The dense program encompasses the main functional areas of IPN´s activities, involves participant observation in meetings and hopefully will help participants promoting the sale of services and technology, in their respective institutions, by developing suitable processes and practices.

Proton Europe is a pan-European network of Technology Offices linked to Public Research Organisations and Universities. It is supported by the European Comission as part of the Gate2Growth initiave (

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Inserido em 20-10-2006
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