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CMU Portugal Madeira Summer Academy in HCI
The CMU Portugal Madeira Summer Academy in HCI is a unique event organized by Lab:USE and Madeira Tecnopolo under the CMU Portugal Framework. This program involves several workshops and talks covering many breakthrough and practical issues in the area of human-computer interaction of relevance and specifically tailored for an industry audience with hands-on experience in key methods and techniques for interaction design, human-centered software engineering, service engineering and distance learning. The workshops and talks will be offered by an international team of experts from the CMU Portugal faculty and also invited professors from world-renowned institutions in the field of human-computer interaction.

Participants will have the opportunity to choose between the following 5 days Workshops:

1) Near Futures: A new Approach to Service Design – 5 day workshop: by Ariana Bassoli, Johanna Brewer, Enrico Constanza, Tal Drori, Valentina Nisi

2) HIGHFIVE – 5 day workshop: by Stefan Agamanolis, Matt Karau, Ian Oakley, Eduardo Ferme, Elsa Fernandes

3) Bridging the gap: Software engineering meets interaction design – 5 day workshop: by Larry Constantine, Nuno Nunes, Jos van Leeuwen, Monchu Chen

4) Video-Based End-User Requirements Specification – 3 day workshop: by Dan Siewiorek, Bernd Bruegge

Registration is open, please contact:

Madeira Tecnopolo


Localização Madeira Tecnopolo
Data de Início do Evento 2008-07-21
Data de Fim do Evento 2008-07-25
Inserido em 2008-06-16
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