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Developing Regional Actions to Promote SMEs in Health Sector and Stimulate Economic Growth


Improve the effectiveness of regional development policies regarding the operational environment of local/regional economic players within the health sector and promote their cooperation in order to exploit the growth and innovation potential of the sector.


The Health4Growth project was able to:

  • Analyse the state of the art nature of entrepreneurship in the health sector in each of the nine participating regions (State of Play reports);
  • Identify and promote the exchange of good practices and conduct workshops in areas related to finance, human capital and support infrastructures for entrepreneurship in health;
  • Develop more detailed plans for the implementation of good practices with the lessons learned among the project partners;
  • Develop a range of 10 key policy recommendations to improve entrepreneurship in healthcare:
  1. Administrative simplification and flexibility;
  2. Living labs as an innovation instrument;
  3. Increase policy coherence in healthcare regulation;
  4. Multi-national approach and implementation;
  5. Enhancement of interdisciplinary and cross sector programmes and projects;
  6. Promote entrepreneurship for young adults;
  7. Deliver solutions for the market of the future through the exchange of good practice;
  8. Demand-driven innovation;
  9. Promoting healthy lifestyle;
  10. Supporting entrepreneurship in the health sector through public procurement.

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Interreg IVC
Interreg IVC




Municipality of Debrecen (HU); City of Turnhout / Thomas More Kempen (BE); IPN Incubadora (PT); University of Debrecen (HU); City of Leuven (BE); CISE - Innovation and Economic Development Centre (IT); Vidzeme Planning Region (LV); Maribor Development Agency (SI); Province of Turin (IT); Brainport Development (NL).



Health, economic growth, SMEs, ageing, regional development, innovation, regional policies