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Open applications for the Centre Region's Best Practices for Active and Healthy Ageing 2022 Prize.

The application period for the Centre Region’s Best Practices for Active and Healthy Ageing 2022 Prize opened on July 15th. The deadline is September 15th. You can apply here. The prize is an initiative from the Commission for the Coordination and Development of the Center Region (CCDRC).

As the Centre Region is one of the most aged regions in the country, something that tends to be increasingly accentuated, active and healthy ageing is not only a strategic priority of this Region, but has also been a goal in the performance of many entities. The challenge is to live longer and healthier, while feeling that you are part of the Community.

Already in its 5th Edition, the Centre Region’s Best Practices for Active and Healthy Ageing 2022 Prize aims to promote and enhance the dissemination and recognition of projects and practices that promote active and healthy ageing in the Center Region.

In the four editions already held, around 600 initiatives were submitted, involving hundreds of promoters and more than a thousand partner entitites. These initiatives proved that the region is aware of its demographic challenges, and demonstrated its ability to reinvent itself when it cames to quality of life and active ageing. Many of these can be consulted here.

Whilst it is a CCDRC iniciative, it benefits from the collaboration with the consortiums Ageing@Coimbra and AgeINfuture. Instituto Pedro Nunes is a part of Ageing@Coimbra through the Laboratory for Automatics and Systems (LAS).

The regulation and application form are available here


21 of July of 2022