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Seminar "The Healthcare Path from idea to Market"
RTD Laboratories

Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) is organizing a Seminar Cycle on the theme From Ground to the Cloud, through the Laboratory for Automation and Systems.

The third seminar “The Healthcare Path from idea to Market” will take place on May 6, Thursday, starting at 3 pm (CET), online. Participation is free, but registration is required here

The cloud-connected medical devices are an opportunity to implement Health 4.0, a particular case of Industry 4.0, however, the pathway from idea to a marketable medical device is loaded with several challenges. The MedTech companies and, in particular start-ups, need to follow a complex chain that is still something very unclear and involves a number of different stakeholders.

CIMIT (Consortia for Improving Medicine with Innovation and Technology) proposes the Healthtech Innovation Cycle, and will present in this seminar a journey from identifying an unmet need from healthcare to developing a marketable solution. CIMIT divides an innovation’s lifecycle into 10 stages, allowing companies and stakeholders to have a firmer grasp on the status of their innovation at any time.

To guide the development and to ensure the sustainability of the triple side business model of cloud-connected medical devices, CIMIT emphasises also the importance of regulatory affairs and proof of value since the development phase.

This seminar will address the CIMIT framework and the integrated method of HTA - focused on the technological validation and regulation process - by bringing together invited representatives from the MedTech area to present, discuss, and debate these topics.

The proper uses of those methods will significantly de-risk the process of bringing an innovation to market and promote a more efficient creation of innovative products that have a high potential to help people across the globe.

Agenda (CET)
15:00 - Welcome - António Cunha, IPN
15:05 - Opportunities to Industry & Health 4.0 and the role of innovation policy - António Bob Santos, ANI
15:25 - CIMIT's Model for Accelerating Healthcare Innovations - John M. Collins, CIMIT
15:45 - Health Technology Assessment for Medical Devices in Europe: key factors to prove impact for start-ups and its outputs - Julian Perelman, CATS
16:05 - Medical Devices European Regulatory Pathway - Sandra Balseiro, IPN
16:25 - The use cases: ROSE, from research to innovation: a practical case of a telemedicine solution - João Quintas, IPN
16:35 - The use cases: Perceive3D - João Barreto, Perceive3D
16:45 - Closing with Miguel Amador, EIT Health

This initiative is part of the activities of the IPN-Funding Base project under the INTERFACE Program, which aims to enhance Portuguese products through innovation, increased productivity, value creation and the incorporation of technology in the processes national companies, financed by the Fund for Innovation, Technology and Circular Economy (FITEC).


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