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Seminar "Pushing IoT towards intelligent and secure devices"
RTD Laboratories

The Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) is organizing a Seminar Cycle on the theme From Ground to Cloud, through the Laboratory for Automation and Systems.

The seminar “Pushing IoT towards intelligent and secure devices” will take place on December 17, Thursday, starting at 11 am (CET), online. Participation is free, but registration is required here

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology helping us reimagine daily life, but artificial intelligence (AI) is the real driving force behind the IoT’s full potential.

From its most basic applications of tracking our fitness levels to its wide-reaching potential across industries and urban planning, the growing partnership between AI and the IoT means that a smarter future could occur sooner than we think.

IoT innovation is only accelerating and promises to lead us into a more connected future, as it continues to push the boundaries of data processing and intelligent learning for years to come. However, it is no secret that the current state of the internet of things, security is sub-par.

There is still much work to be done when making IoT more secure, and technology companies and manufacturers are taking notice. Despite the wide variety of cybersecurity guidelines, relatively few organizations deploying emerging technology have a mature security strategy.

This seminar will address some of the latest advances and applications of IoT and Cybersecurity by bringing together invited representatives from industry and R&D companies to present, discuss, and debate these topics.

The event will also be a platform to network and explore current funding opportunities and initiatives in artificial intelligence, internet of things, and cybersecurity.

This initiative is part of the activities of the IPN-Funding Base project under the INTERFACE Program, which aims to enhance Portuguese products through innovation, increased productivity, value creation and the incorporation of technology in the processes national companies, financed by the Fund for Innovation, Technology and Circular Economy (FITEC).

Agenda (CET)

11:00: Welcome, João Quintas, IPN
Embedded and Edge Artificial Intelligence
11:05: Efficient AI at the Edge with Intel, Mahmut Meral, Intel
11:25: AI to ensure smarter roads and cities, Renato Clerici, SprinX Technologies
11:40: Practical Case: CogniVITra - Edge AI for dual-task training, André Gradil, IPN
11:55: Q&A
Cyber-security / cyber-resilience
12:00: Cybersecurity landscape and certification concepts, Lucio González Jiménez, AEI Ciberseguridad & ECSO
12:20: Security Challenges for telco operator with increased IoT devices at customer’s home, Carlos Silva, NOS Security
12:35: IoT Security: assets and threats, Diogo Pimentel, Exset Labs
12:50: Q&A
12:55: Funding Opportunities - cascade funding call, António Damasceno, F6S
13:05: One-to-one speed networking
13:30: Closing

Mahmut Meral
Mahmut Meral has over 10 years of experience in Solution Selling, Technical enablement and Consultancy of Intel products and services at the intersection of IoT, Client, Cloud, Data Science and Edge AI. He is currently a part of the Sales and Marketing group where he is responsible for enabling partner Edge AI solutions to run with OpenVINO on Intel Hardware.

Renato Clerici
Entrepreneur, engineer, with more than 25 years of experience in the Video Surveillance market, Computer Vision & Image Processing. Leader of the SprinxLab team, and in charge of technological partnerships, he is the architect of the technological vision and road-map of Sprinx.

André Gradil
André Gradil is a Researcher at IPNlas. Having worked the past 5 years in Computer Vision, Embedded Systems and Robotics, either in industry-oriented projects with several publications in related magazines, and Active and Assisted Living (AAL) projects.

Lucio González Jiménez
Lucio González Jiménez is Madrid Cyberlab Manager Professional with business management background and commercial orientation with 30 years of experience in national and multinational high-tech technology sectors such as telecommunications, IT, Security and Defence, European expert and high technology projects management and Services. He developed his experience with high-growth scenarios and market contrition adaptability, market analysis, leadership and management of multidisciplinary teams.

Carlos Silva
Carlos, with a degree in Electrical Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico, has been working over the last 8 years in telco industry at NOS as a Broadband product manager. During last years, he was focused on the development of new products to improve performance and Wi-Fi enhancement in customer premises, such as Routers and Wi-Fi mesh solutions. Furthermore, he is working in product development lifecycle, including additional services to bring to the customer a layer of management, control and security on the delivered products.

Diogo Pimentel

Diogo Pimentel is a Security Researcher and Analyst currently working at Exset Labs in The Netherlands. He has graduated from University of Aveiro with a Masters in Computers and Telematics Engineering, and has been involved in cybersecurity over the past 8 years. Having experience with software security, Diogo started performing security evaluations of embedded systems for the payment industry in 2017 and joined Exset Labs in 2020 to research state of the art attacks and perform security evaluations for IoT.


9 of December of 2020