Instituto Pedro Nunes - VIP4ALL FP7 Project - Final Meeting
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VIP4ALL FP7 Project - Final Meeting
Technology transfer and I.P.

Last Monday, 23th of November, IPN held the final meeting of the VIP4ALL FP7 Project.
Entitled “Highly Sustainable and Effective Production of Innovative Low Cost Vacuum Insulation Panels for Zero Carbon Building Construction”, VIP4ALL project aimed to deliver to the building sector a new alternative and cost-effective Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP) generation, specially designed for energy efficiency goals and able to provide, at affordable prices, superior thermal insulation for the major EU building renovation action in progress.

While today VIPs existing in the market are extremely expensive for the majority of end-users and homeowners, the proposed low cost solution intends to cut by half the price of the final products, mainly by using a combination of natural, cheaper and sustainable materials, creating hybrid multi-level networking structured cores capable of replacing the standard expensive materials currently used inside VIP cores.

VIP4ALL was a 2 year Research for the Benefit of SMEs project, funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme [FP7/SME-2013] and managed by REA - Research Executive Agency (, under the grant agreement 606037. IPN was involved on the project proposal and was represented by its Led&Mat Laboratory (Laboratory for Wear, Testing & Materials) as an RTD partner.

Partners involved:

‐ Construcciones Garcia Rama SL (Coordinator) (Spain)
‐ Ecoterra Desarrollo Sostenible SL (Spain)
- VA-Q-TEC AG (Germany)
- SOFALCA - Sociedade Central de Produtos de Cortiça, LDA (Portugal)
‐ IPN / Instituto Pedro Nunes (Portugal)
‐ UBRUN / Brunel University (UK)


27 of November of 2015