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INOV-JOVEM (2006-2007)

The INOV-JOVEM-Young frames for innovation in SMES - was a project developed in the context of the Technological Plan, which aims to facilitate insertion of young people, aged up to 35 years with higher level qualifications, in to small and medium-sized enterprises promoting business development and job creation.
These goals are linked to the IPN's Mission and that is the reason why IPN created de IPN inov - Innovation and Technology Transfer to SME's. The IPN project is focused on three areas of intervention - quality, innovation management and technological innovation. The result was the creation of three courses, each one with two editions:

  • QUALINOV-Quality and innovation for SMEs;
  • INOV-GEST-Young entrepreneurs for the management and Innovation of SMEs;
  • INOV-ICT-Information technology for SMEs;
The courses have been structured in two months of initial training and ten months of internship with the support and supervision of an Advisor (in the company) and a tutor (selected by IPN).
The areas of intervention were selected from a dialogue with a diverse set of companies, with the purpose of addressing needs identified by them. Strict selection criteria were followed, whether companies or trainees, in order to meet the needs of both in an appropriate form.

Supported Trainees: 61
Supported companies: 36
Months of training: 2
Months of internship: 9
Training actions: 6
Supported Companies