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DITA: The Digital Industry Training Atlas: Connecting european training opportunities for a stronger digital single market

The project aims to reinforce the transnational cooperation of training entities on the theme of the Digital Industry.
- Providing information on the training available in Europe in the area of Digital Transformation;
- Adjusting the trainees' needs to the available training offer;
- Establishing a cooperation strategy between the various training entities identified;
- Providing and maintaining the platform "The Digital Industry Training Atlas" which will contain information about training opportunities in Europe related to Digital Transformation.

The Digital Industry Training Atlas provides visibility to the training programs offered in Europe through an accessible, online catalogue.
The catalogue displays the connections established between training programs and their organizations, during the project.
The map helps end-users to immediately identify and connect with the most relevant training organizations
– Training Organizations tackling the challenges of digital transformation by providing training programs in technical or soft skill domains;
– EU’s workforce looking for upskilling or reskilling opportunities at european level;
– SMEs willing to strengthen their position in the new digital era.

The project’s expected results are to increase:
1) the general awareness level of the current and future European workforce about available training opportunities in the field of Digital Transformation;
2) the understanding of potential synergies among the identified training opportunities in the field of Digital Transformation;
3) learners’ mobility throughout Europe to benefit from the different and complementary offer of training programs in the field of Digital Transformation;
4) the internationalization strategies of life-long learning training organizations in the field of Digital Transformation.