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SME training

The SME Training Programme consists of training and consulting activities adjusted for micro businesses and SMEs with up to 100 workers. In this way, both consulting and training activities offer a distinctive training methodology in order to develop competencies and know-how aimed at achieving results. These interventions are defined according to the specific needs of the company and are developed in the real work context being undertaken by business owner and their employees with the support of specialised consultants and trainers. The aim is to promote the competitiveness of micro businesses and SMEs, through the sustained development of organization forms and management (company analysis and strategic planning during the training and consulting processes) and increasing the employees qualification level.


Consultancy hours: 6,466
Training hours: 7,516
Training Sessions: 294
Trainees: +750
Training Volume: +38,000
Supported Companies

Consultancy hours: 3,520
Training hours: 6,004
Training Sessions: +250
Trainees: +950
Training Volume: 34,047
Supported Companies

1st Phase 2008-2010
Consultancy hours: 3,694
Training hours: 2,300
Training Sessions: 148
Trainees: 1,191
Training Volume: 18,297
Supported Companies

2nd Phase 2008-2010
Consultancy hours: 3,950
Training hours: 2,500
Training Sessions: 126
Trainees: 1,069
Training Volume: 19,700
Supported Companies