IPN - Instituto Pedro Nunes

IPN     IPN Incubadora

Co-work Room

  Daily Plan
20€ / day + VAT
Weekly Plan
49€ / week + VAT
Monthly Plan
99€ / month + VAT
Annual Plan
79€ / month + VAT
Free WiFi
Printer *
Meeting Room**
Collaborative Library
Storage Cupboard    
24H Access    
Business Address      

* Price per copy: A4 Size: 0.05€ black and white and 0.25€ colors; A3 Size: 0.15€ black and white and 0.50€ colors
** Meeting room by appointment

Audiovisual Studio

Price per half day:
5€ + VAT
Price per day:
7,50€ + VAT

Other Equipment

3D Printer 5€/minimum price 5€/hour
Laser Cutting Machine * 5€/minimum price 20€/hour
Mini CNC Milling Machine * 10€/minimum price 10€/hour
Lathe * 2€/minimum price 5€/hour
Dolly + Carris 5€/half day 7,50€/day
Plotter on request

VAT will be added to these amounts.
* IPN only provides the equipment, each user is responsible for bring the material that need to work